Smartphone application
Live video production

Our professional live mobile videographers (cameraman) will make a live video at conferences, events, festivals, on the requested platform (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) on behalf of our Client. You don't have to choose between quality and quantity. Our professional videographers can satisfy even the highest customer demands with our own-developed rigs (hardware) and software. They can work flexibly and customer-oriented in any situation. So video streaming on social media can become a cost-effective and great marketing tool.

Live video package rental

With our equipment rental service, we want to make easier for companies, brands, and video content makers quality mobile live streaming. You know how to do it, but you don't have the right equipment? We are happy to help!

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CLIENTS iRobot Brummcast TiFGame

Assistance, equipment 10.000 Ft / hour 

After the third order: 8.000 Ft / hour


5 event ordering together:  the last 2 event are free!

(6.000 Ft  / hour)

Lower prices with long term aggreement!

Marketing developement, Art, Website developement

Ajánlatot kérek
Our Staff and partners
Badonics Titusz
Light and sound engineering

"A practical equipment set,
and a custom developement in one place
- with a great increase of production value
a higher reach can be achieve.
There is no greater value in this segment than this."

Jámbor Zsóka
Photo artist

"Comfy travelling and a pleasant place.
Perfect to try yourself, and to create content
for longer term."

Tóth István Ferenc

"Great service with cheap price.
I save a huge amount of money and
energy, because I didn't have to buy
a lot of expensive equipment - I find
all of it here nice and ready"

4k - HDR video recording and live broadcast at 4th quoter of 2019